One of the most important aspects of beauty that almost everyone cares about is the facial look. We are so conscious of this aspect that we always try to improve or maintain the way we look. We use so many skincare materials to take care of our faces to this effect. One of the most common materials we use to take care of our skin is blotting paper.

This cleansing tool helps remove excess oil from our face and prevent pimples and other blemishes of the skin.

While most people enjoy these amazing benefits from its usage, some still cannot attest to enjoying these benefits after many years of using it. This is because they didn’t know what to look out for when buying their blotting paper. In this article, we will explain different qualities to look out for when buying your blotting paper so you can enjoy the best benefits it truly has to offer.

  • Oil-Absorbing Ability:This is the most important quality to look out for as the main purpose of blotting paper is to remove excess oil by absorption. There are varieties of blotting papers with different ingredients that help to lift oil away from the skin gently. Some people claim that their blotting paper is inefficient in drying the oil on their face, and this is because they fail to search for blotting papers made of special ingredients that are very potent in absorbing oil. Blotting papers made with ingredients like rice, cotton, and flaxseed are advised for super oily faces.
  • Powder-Containing Blotting Papers:When you purchase blotting paper coated with powder, you are guaranteed not only an oil-free face but also a fresher complexion. This feature makes blotting paper excellent for refreshing your makeup and eliminating shine from your face.
  • Texture: How thin or thick your blotting paper is also affects how much you can enjoy it. To avoid smearing your fingertips with the oil from your face while using the blotting paper, it is advisable to go for a relatively thick blotting paper that can easily absorb all the oil on your face. This feature also helps to conserve your paper as you wouldn’t need to use more than two blotting sheets to dry your face up completely.
  • Made With Natural Ingredients:Blotting papers made with natural materials like abaca leaf or gold flakes help absorb oil without messing up your makeup. It also makes you free of synthetic scents and mineral oils that often irritate the skin. This makes it one of the best qualities to look out for, especially if it’s to be used for sensitive skins.


As said earlier, there are several blotting papers all over our supermarkets, and despite what some people think, they are all efficient. These different varieties are made for different purposes and,  it is left for us to read and check what each type is made up of before deciding which one would work best for your skin. We have discussed different qualities that would guide you in doing this effectively to derive the best satisfaction out of your blotting paper.


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