Cleaning and washing your car is the first to make it look like a brand new car. Maintaining your car can make it last longer than expected lifespan. However, cleaning your car from experts can cost you a lot of money. It may also consume your time as well. If you want to be an expert at washing your car then this blog is going to help you a lot. This blog has highlighted the best ways to wash your car by making use of a pressure washer system. Continue reading this blog to save your time as well as costs through the hot water pressure washer.

Rinsing Off Dirt Through Pressure Washer

The first step to washing your car is that you should rinse off the top layer of dirt on your car. If your pressure washer has jet spray with variable adjustment then you should adjust it in a way that it gives off a spray of 5-8cm in width. You should make sure that spray water is strong enough to clean the car effectively without damaging the car parts. When washing the window, you should use a little less power so that no damage occurs.

Application Of Detergent

Once you have rinsed off the dirt layer over your car, now is the time to put detergent on the car surface. Detergent brings shine to your car’s surface as well as ensures a hygienic cleaning by killing germs on the car. Once you apply the detergent, let it be there to magic on your car. After a few minutes, rinse it off by using low-pressure setting water without damaging car parts.

Loosening Of Stubborn Stains Through Pressure Washers

Now, after the first two steps performed well, you need to remove the tough grime as well as oil on the surface of your car. For this purpose, you have to make use of a car brush that can help you clean the car quicker. If you have to use the same brush on the wheel parts then clean the wheel parts after you are done cleaning the upper parts of your car.

Rinsing Off The Detergent With Pressure Washer

Now you have to rinse off the whole cleaning detergents from the car so that you can get the job done perfectly. If you are using high pressure for this purpose then make sure that you stand at a distance while washing your car. As it will help you to wash without damaging sensitive parts of your car. According to experts, a distance of one meter is enough for the perfect cleaning of your car.


The above mentioned steps are quite simple if you are looking for a quicker and time saver method to wash your car. However, you should be an expert at washing your car and you must be aware of the pressure washer functionalities for washing your car. Otherwise, you may damage any part of your car, and then you will have to spend a lot of money repairing the parts perfectly.


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