While we should always note the hygienic importance of both tissues and wipes, their uses should not be the same as blotting paper. There is a general misconception around these cleaning tools where people believe they are all the same and yield the same results when used. That is very untrue. In this article, we will be shedding more light on the differences between these cleaning tools by discussing some of the advantages that blotting-paper has over tissue and wipes.

What Is A Blotting Paper?

A blotting paper is a very absorbent type of material. Scientists began to use this tool in microscopy to remove excess liquid from the slide before viewing. As time evolved, so did the use of blotting paper. Now blotting paper is mostly used as a cosmetic tool to clean up oily faces and makeup.

What Are Facial Tissues & Wipes?

Facial tissues are disposable papers used to clean the face free of dirt or dirt. These are also cleaning tools that are synonymous with blotting paper. Wipes are also single-use cloths that help cleanse your face, especially if you intend to remove makeup without the use of water or soap.

Advantages Of Using Blotting Paper.

  • Higher Absorption Ability:Blotting paper is a very good absorbent that allows you to absorb excess oil and remove dirt from your face. Hence, you won’t have to redo your makeup like you would have if you had used tissues and wet wipes. The use of facial blotter paper┬ánot only absorbs excess oil from your face but also helps to mattify your lips.
  • Skin Protection: Unlike facial wipes that are irritating to the skin because of the drying chemical they possess that dries away the natural oil of the face, blotting paper is very favorable to the skin. Most blotting papers are laden with chemicals like salicylic acid, which helps stop the blemishes and pimples. Some blotting papers also have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help reduce any form of exacerbation and are gentle on your skin.
  • Amazing Replacement For Dry Shampoo:In an event when you run out of shampoo and you’re desperately looking for a way to clean that grease you have on your hair so you can turn up to work looking amazing. The difference is the same. You can easily place your blotting paper at the depth of your hair to absorb and clean off the grease at your hair without messing it up.


As said earlier, facial tissues and wipes are of great hygienic importance in our everyday lives. However, it shouldn’t be considered as a substitute for blotting paper. Blotting is that cleansing tool that we should never run out of in case of any emergencies. With the consistent use blotting paper, you can easily take care of pimples and blemishes and prevent it from ever growing on your face. In this article, we have given more reasons for people to be encouraged to use blotting papers by giving some of the advantages it has over other cleansing tools.


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