Loose deep wave wigs are currently quite popular. This is because of their aesthetic appeal and ease of maintenance. Online or offline, you can acquire loose deep wave hair from any hair or hair accessory vendor. However, you can also transform your straight hair wig into a loose deep wave wig. You can effortlessly create loose deep wave hair from your straight hair. All you need is a curling iron and a comb to create the curls. This post provides you with a guide on how to achieve this.

Creating loose deep wave hair using a curling iron

Below is a simple guide for creating loose deep wave curls effortlessly;

Step 1: Prep the hair for creating loose deep wave hair

The first step is the preparation of the hair. For this step, you will need hair spray and a comb. More often than not, when styling your hair, wig, or natural, hairspray comes at the end. However, when curling your hair, using hair spray at the beginning is the key to achieving lasting curls. The hair spray will also protect your hair from breakage by keeping it moisturized throughout the process.

Before applying the hair spray, you need to detangle the hair using a comb. Once all the tangles are out, apply the spray, then run a smoothing brush through the hair. Using the smoothing brush will help distribute the hairspray throughout the strands. It will also help eliminate the tangles that your comb could not remove. While doing all this, you must keep the wig on a wig stand.

Step 2: Part the hair into sections

The next step of creating loose deep wave hair is to part the hair into sections. Doing this will help make the creation process easier. Also, parting the hair in small sections will allow for more curl definition. It will also help ensure that the heat from the curling iron is evenly distributed. Depending on the volume of the hair, you can create two to four sections. Note that the volume of each section will also determine the density of the curls.

Step 3: Use your curling iron to create loose wave hair

Using your curling iron, twist the hair from one section to another. You can work the curling iron as you would your natural hair. Note that the depth of the twists will determine the depth of the loose deep wave hair. Work your way through all the other sections. Once you are done, you can now run a wide comb through the hair and apply hair spray. With that, you are good to go.

Final word

Before you decide to apply heat to your wig, you must consider the hair type. For instance, wigs made from synthetic hair do not take well to heat. The heat from the curling iron will cause the hair to curl or break. However, you can freely use a curling iron with human hair wigs. Regardless, you may want to be cautious about how often you do this, as too much heat could eventually affect the density and strength of the hair.


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