Even when you are trying to buy wholesale jewelry, you will still find yourself spending lots of money. Of course, because you are buying it as a wholesale product, you would be getting the jewelry at a lower price. However, no matter how low the price will get, you would not pay meager costs for a piece of good jewelry. And if you are going to buy jewelry at all, it is best to purchase quality pieces of jewelry. While the initial investment you spend on a piece of jewelry can be a bit much, you will appreciate it when the jewelry lasts for many years. However, a situation when you can’t find one piece of jewelry can be a very frustrating experience.

Apart from the money spent to purchase the jewelry, that piece may be the best one to match the outfit you’re wearing at the moment. That way, you have to keep searching and searching until you find that piece because you will not want to forfeit an outfit because you can not find matching jewelry. A misplaced or lost jewelry is only a silent but loud reminder that you are not storing your jewelry correctly. For most people, they have a general box they drop all their jewelry in and assume that is the perfect place to store pieces of jewelry. The truth is pieces of jewelry come in big and small sizes. Therefore, you may not be able to see some of the smaller options when you store them all together. Instead, there are better ways you can store your jewelry correctly. You can store your jewelry by showing it in a clear view or hiding it. Either way, the storage options have a clear-cut compartment for your different jewelry sets. Let’s take a look at some of the storage options for your jewelry set;

Use a jewelry tree

When you buy jewelry wholesale, the vendor is usually conversant with storage options. An excellent way to store is using a jewelry tree. With a jewelry tree, all you need to do is hang the longer pieces of jewelry on the branches. For the pieces of jewelry with lesser length, you can place them beneath the tree. That way, it is hard to misplace any item, except if you are not using your tree the proper way. The jewelry tree is an item you can make on your own. It doesn’t need to be very strong because it doesn’t carry a load.

Utilize a bell jar

A bell jar is another good option to store your jewelry so you will see it. Although this style can be a little dramatic, it is a good option. With the bell jar, you will hang the long pieces from the top and keep the smaller-sized jewelry beneath the bar.

A custom-designed picture frame

Picture frames, like the name implies, are meant for pictures majorly. But the same picture frame can serve as storage for jewelry. All you need is a big picture frame that comes with specific hooks in your home. All you need to do is hang the jewelry on the frame and the edge on the wall.


If you hate misplacing your jewelry, you can read this guide for the best practices to retain jewelry.


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