Playing favorite computer games was not as easy as it is now. Back then, the player had to be ready to handle misbehaving computers or hanging machines that seemed like they would get back to their absolute functionality at their own time. However, with the developments in today’s world, it is possible to play your favorite game from a gaming computer.

However, the machine will need to match specific features that can guarantee a value-focused gaming performance. Read ahead below to find out some of the must-have specifications for gaming laptops.

 Which Huawei Laptop Supports Gaming Capabilities?

Your reason for buying a laptop might vary depending on several computer specifications and capabilities. Whether you bought a sleek-looking laptop like huawei matebook 14 cena for office work or learning purposes, one thing that may remain unchangeable is if you are a gaming enthusiast, you may want in one way or another to turn the computer into a gaming zone.

Before then, check through this:

Huawei MateBook 14 AMD

The MateBook 14 is among the most powerful Huawei laptops. It stands out with its 56wh battery life, powering an AMD Ryzen 5000 processor. Its lightweight and sleek craftsmanship might be tempting enough to play a game on it during your free break. But is the computer compatible with game playing?

Other interesting features to a gamer are its 16GB RAM, 512GB of storage, and the embedded dual fan system most attractively. As much as Huawei works on releasing upgraded machines, the dual fans could just mean something more than office or programming work.

Key Features for the Best Gaming Laptops

So before you introduce the MateBook 14 AMD into the gaming world, here are some of the key features for gaming laptops that you may need to consider.


You will need a large screen size from 13 inches to the best at 17inches, with a high resolution of at least 1440p or a 4k screen. Its refresh rate should feature 120Hz or 144Hz for clearer images.


Being the brain of your laptop, an intel core i7 processor with more core counts is the best to maintain consistent gaming.


Your Graphics Processing Unit responsible for rendering proper resolution on the screen needs to match at least 144fps for the 4k screen resolution.


2-8GB RAMs are key features for most work applications and internet browsing. But a 16GB to 32GB RAM such as that of MateBook 14 can support intensive multitasking, including most newer intensive games.


A gaming laptop should be of an aluminum casing, thinner and lighter in weight. It should also incorporate wireless connectivity for wireless cards and, most importantly, an improved cooling system.

From the above factors, Huawei’s MateBook 14 AMD fails to meet every feature for a gaming laptop, more so the essential aspect in its Central Processing Unit. It uses an AMD Ryzen processor, while the best CPU for a gaming laptop should be at least a core i7 processor.

Therefore, to avoid malfunctions and other system crashes with a disability to run normal computer programs, you may need to get a better gaming laptop from the Huawei store, now that you have the necessary factors. Do check with Huawei more frequently for their upgraded devices that match your desired functionality.


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