As a cleaning device, you may be thinking that pressure washers don’t require much thought before they should be purchased. That is a wrong assumption, as you should know that the purchase of any device or tool requires research.

Although it is advisable to purchase High-Quality pressure washers, you could also go for the low-quality ones if you don’t have enough cash. Either way, know the right thing to consider before purchasing one.

Purchasing a pressure washer should not be taken lightly as there are a few factors to consider before purchasing. These factors ensure you get the best out of the machine without having to service it all the time. Highlighted below are the major ones to note.

What To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Pressure Washer

The type of pressure washer

There are two kinds of pressure washers; gas and electric. When purchasing a pressure washer, you should know the types there are. Electric ones do not have as intense pressure as the gas ones. The former works well for not-too-tough tasks, while the latter is perfect for intensive tasks.

If you want to get a pressure washer for your home, the electric one is for you, but the gas power washers are the right choice if it is for industrial purposes.

Water mode option

The water mode option is categorized into hot water or cold water. You have the option of either choosing hot water or a cold water pressure washer when making a purchase. Although, the latter isn’t as complex as the former.

Cold water pressure washers are not as excellent in cleaning as hot water pressure washers, plus they require more pressure. Despite that, they work well for domestic purposes. On the other hand, hot water pressure washers are the forceful types, so they work best for industrial purposes.

How portable the washer is

You obviously would want to get a pressure washer that is not convenient for you to move around to get to other places that need cleaning efficiently. So before purchasing a pressure washer, you should ask yourself, ‘Can I move this around with ease?’ If your answer to this question is yes, then you’re good to go; you can get yourself that washer.

Control selection

When purchasing a pressure washer, you should know the control options behind the machine. There is the PSI, GPM, and CPU. The PSI is pounds per square inch, GPM is gallons per minute, and CPU is cleaning power units. You should know all these in detail before purchasing.


This is an essential factor to note. The service contract of your purchase is meant to last for a particular duration. The package usually includes this, as well as what the warranty covers. You should check all these out before getting that washer.


With the above factors to be considered, you now know what to watch out for when purchasing a pressure washer. There are several other factors, but these are the major ones to keep in mind.


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