The book scanner is one of the best technologies that have made life a little easier just by its presence. You can use it for scanning old book, new books and much more.  All you have to do is simply put a book underneath the scanner, and you will get a digitalized image of the best quality. You can get these images and files in ant format, and you can also alter and reformat them however you like based on your task requirements. But as the technology moves faster, there are many new and improved models of book scanners out which are more innovative, more advanced, and equally more convenient. So, this article will tell you all about a smart book scanner, v16 Pro, and its remarkable features.

Features of Smartbook Scanner – V16 Pro

There are many astounding features of this modern-day machine. Starting off with the dimensions of this scanner, that is, 195mm height, 115mm width, and a depth of 380mm. The shooting area covers 420mm x 297mm of space, which is one of the amazing features, providing a good amount of space to shoot.


V16 pro sports an advanced technology called curve flattening. This is extremely useful for accurate scanning of the material. On the book, there is a curve because of the binding, and so, with the help of this tech, the page appears flat on the digital image. The text clarity is further improved for a 3D graphic analysis.

Camera and sensors  

There is also a high-definition (HD) camera installed underneath the top. This camera is 1/2.3 inches CMOS is 18.0 megapixels. It captures clear pictures of the text. To further enhance the clarity and brightness of the image, it has an illumination system consisting of 11 fill-in LED lights. Also, it can zoom in 100x and scans at a speed of up to 40 pages in almost 1 minute.

Operating modes

V16 Pro comes with four different operating modes to provide convenience to the user.

  • Foot pedal
  • Software button
  • Hand switch
  • Scan button

Up-To-Date Software

The software added to this machine comes with extraordinary features. You can professionally trim the picture according to your needs. The elimination of distortion and auto flattening makes the image clearer. This software also automatically removes the finger that may come in the picture while you are holding the book’s edges. There is also an option available for color fill as well as background optimization.


V16 Pro can scan many things besides just books, for example:

  • Drawings
  • Paintings
  • Passports
  • Test papers
  • Blueprints
  • Receipts
  • Magazines
  • Letters

Diverse Formats

To make the file more editable and searchable, the v16 Pro sports an ORC with optical character recognition. This is a valuable feature for massive libraries, where finding a specific book manually is a challenging task. This also supports 180 different languages. The ORC can convert the scanned books into any format like MS Excel, MS word, PDF, TXT, TIFF, etc.


To conclude, all these features together make an amazing machine called v16 pro, which gives its users the utmost convenience and flexibility in its uses. These devices have made distance teaching and interactive learning much easier and comfortable.


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