If you look around yourself, you will surely notice someone wearing bottom rimless glasses. It gives off a very natural and stylish look, without compromising on its functionalities. These kinds of glasses are a great choice for you whether you are a working professional, a student, or a retired person. Check out the wide range of bottom rimless glasses at Glasses Shop, and you will surely fall in love with them.

Attractive Designs

Check out these attractive bottom rimless glasses at Glasses Shop.

1. Horatio

This classic rectangle-shaped semi-rimless frame is a great choice for all occasions. Made from metal with acetate temple arms, it is light enough to be worn all day long without any kind of discomfort. The adjustable nose pads make it really a great choice for office and everyday wear. It is available in two colors – black and gunmetal.

2. Kitchener

This oval semi-rimless eyewear for women is perfectly suitable for daily wear. The silicone nose pads and the acetate arm tips make it comfortable for the wearer. It comes in three colors – Rose Gold, Red and Black.

3. Elaine

These oval semi-rimless glasses are meant for the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is durable enough to wear on a regular basis and comes in three attractive colors – Red, Purple, and Golden. Made with high-quality metal, it encompasses excellent design and superior craftsmanship.

4. Sally

The Sally oval semi-rimless eyeglasses for women are perfect for everyday wear. It is available in three distinct colors – Black, Pink, and Red, and is made from metal. The oval shape gives off a classic and modern look, and the stylish design has a stylish and trendy feeling. The adjustable nose pad acetate temple tips allow for a comfortable fit.

5. Sherwood

This rectangle semi-rimless glass has a classy and fancy look that you can put on literally anywhere. Be it a party, or a business meeting, this is a great choice for you. Made from polished and high-quality metal, it has a very sophisticated and stylish look. It comes with TR90 arms which makes it really lightweight and comfortable for wearing daily. It comes in three colors – Black, Brown, and Gunmetal.

Sophisticated Beauty

Rimless and semi-rimless glasses offer a sophisticated and elegant look. Be it in your workplace, or during a casual time with family and friends, your glasses bring all the attention to you. Everything you say will be heard easily, making it seem like the spotlight is on you. At Glasses Shop, the best materials are used to make lightweight and stylish semi-rimless eyeglasses just for you.

The classic rectangle-shaped semi-rimless glasses have such a design that they pair well with any outfit. Flaunt your style and fashion sense with semi-rimless eyeglasses from Glasses Shop.

Beautiful On Men And Women

Semi-rimless eyeglasses transcend all boundaries of gender and age, and everyone can wear them. They go well in almost every event and situation. These glasses offer a sense of style and elegance that makes everyone look at you with respect. You will be surprised how these glasses change the way people look at you!


Semi-rimless glasses have become a rage nowadays. Be it in your workplace, or a supermarket, you will always find someone wearing semi-rimless glasses. It brings out their latent style and fashion sense. Check out the wide collection of semi-rimless eyeglass frames at Glasses Shop, and you will surely wish to have one!


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