The term glamping derives from the word glamour, and camping provides comfort and relaxation with Mother Nature as your backdrop. This deluxe camp-style can be a great way to ease into the outdoors while still enjoying all of the comforts of home. While it may appear to be additional labor, choosing the correct tent for glamping may make your experience worth it.

Even if you don’t think the trend is important, it has become a multi-billion dollar business. Many other campers are enjoying the sounds of nature with a glass of champagne and some unique artisanal chocolate s’more at the comfort of their tents. In other words, some people wake up to see 360-degree views while hanging over rough terrain.

Below are the different types of glamping tents you can consider for your next camping adventure.

Types of Glamping Tents

The type of glamping tent you choose affects how it looks, how well it works, and its performance. Below are the types of glamping tents:

Bell Tent

This type of tent is somewhat similar to a yurt or a teepee, but the bell uses a center support pole with cables to keep its shape. It is quite spacious that it can accommodate 8 people or more. Setting up and taking it down is also very easy.

Wall Tent

Most wall tents have four walls and a roof. It has a very durable canvas. If you are looking for the most spacious glamping tent, a wall tent is the best option. This type has the most headroom of any other glamping tent on the market today and is sometimes called a “wall tent.” It is also called “a safari tent” or “outfitter tent.”


A tepee, or a tipi, is around the shelter. Because of the shape, the space stays cool in summer and warm in winter. Tepees are very easy to set up and take down and they don’t take long to do. Many people also like the unique look.


The yurt is considered one of the most comfortable luxurious camping shelters, but they are the least portable. It has a circular shape that keeps them unique from other glamping tents. A Yurt tent is recommended during cold weather.


In this case, the tent is usually made of wood and high above the ground and trees. These tents can be small huts or huge connected structures of different sizes or shapes.

Other Types of Tents

Other types of glamping tent include cabin tents similar to a traditional camping tent, but it has more rooms. You can also consider the rooftop tent that keeps you protected against the elements.

Final Thoughts

In choosing a glamping tent, focus on the location, the features, and the size. Some tents are not as durable as the others, so you have to be very careful in deciding which one to buy. Before buying them, you should learn more about glamping tents to avoid wasting your time and money purchasing the wrong one.


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