LED strip lights have become the best option to illuminate spaces or to highlight certain areas of your home, room or office. For example, Govee Strip Lights, can be an ideal choice in case you want to illuminate in a different way, but you should keep in mind what are the common problems that occur when using them.

Have you noticed colored lighting in certain spaces? Do you see that the light moves to the rhythm of the music? This is thanks to the lighting system of strip lights, and all the benefits that LED light gives.

The vast majority of manufacturers and users agree that strip lights are very practical and efficient, but like everything else, it depends on maintenance and certain care to avoid the common problems of this type of item.

There are many inconveniences that can occur with strip lights, but also many solutions to solve them, so here are some problems and tips to solve them.

The strip light turned on and then turned off

This is the most common problem that can occur when using strip lights and it can be due to many reasons. The most frequent one is associated with the controller connection, many times it is not tight and comes loose, or it is possible that you are using a rectifier that is not compatible with the strip.

In order to solve this, it is advisable to check the compatibility of all connections, not only the controller, but also the power input at the socket.

The strip light does not turn on directly to the outlet

Although it may seem obvious, the truth is that many times people forget to plug the strip light into the outlet. This is more common than it seems, mainly because users care much more about the aesthetic and decorative part than the functional part.

It is possible that you have spent hours installing the strip light without realizing that the connection to the electrical power is well done. The recommendation is to check all connections before making the installations or check the strip battery to make sure it is working properly.

The strip light flickers

When the strip light flickers it is almost always due to a voltage problem. It is possible that the strip’s power supply is below the controller’s battery and is running low.

It is best to check the voltage level of both the lights and the power supply to make sure they match.

The strip light is too hot

If you suddenly notice that the temperature of the strip is very high, there is a problem. The LED light is cold and the heat level should be very low, so ideally check the voltage.

Sometimes there is instability in the voltage of electricity, which causes electrical devices to receive a much higher power load than they can handle. Checking the voltage level is ideal to ensure that it matches, and if not, unplugging is recommended to avoid a circuit.


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