Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics in the world. It is also one of the most used ones. The history of cotton dates back to 3000 BC. Several properties of cotton make it one of the best fabrics on the market. It is durable, renewable, and doesn’t need too much maintenance.

Most people would have at least one garment made of cotton fabric in their wardrobes. It is even more popular because you can wear it in various weather conditions. But did you know this highly comfortable fabric has more than one type?

Several types of cotton fabrics exist, and you use them for making various clothing items like bedding, sheets, garments, and more. If you wear cotton but are unaware of the type of cotton fabric, here is an overview of some of the different types of this versatile fabric. Keep reading.

6 Types of Cotton Fabrics Available

Cotton Wool

This is one of the most delicate fabrics and forms of cotton. You can wear it in any season all around the year. In clothes made from the cotton wool mix, there is the strength of wool and the comfort level of cotton.

Cotton wool is used in high-end luxury clothing like velvet, brocade, and tweed.


This cotton blend has a velvety texture but has a rigid and hard pattern. It is often used to make trousers, coats, and upholstery. You can feel the chords if you run your fingers across this fabric.


This fabric has a very soft and subtle texture. It feels cozy and comfortable, so flannel is often used to make nightwear, winter sheets, casual shirts, pajamas, and other related clothing materials. It has a soft, washed feel to it. Flannels are also made from some other materials besides cotton, such as wool.


Denim is a trendy fabric used to make jeans. It is tough, durable, and sturdy. This fabric is dyed in the shade indigo blue to make clothing items. The inside of the jeans has blue and white threads alternating with each other. The reason is that only the warp threads are dyed in blue color. The threads which are only shown on the inner side are left in the white color.


The lawn fabric is popularly used to make summer dresses. It has a very smooth, soft, and silky touch to it. Lawn is lightweight and can often appear as sheer fabric, but it is very tough due to the strong weave.


Muslin fabric is often used to test clothes’ designs before the expensive materials are cut to make the actual clothes. It is very light and woven loosely. This plain and ancient fabric exists in non-dyed forms. It is delicate, pure, and inexpensive. Muslin is also used to strain out the liquids.


These are some of the most used and famous cotton fabrics. However, several more types of cotton fabrics exist in the market. Make sure you know the purpose of the cloth you want to make before you buy one of these fabrics. Each one has its specialty, and you can wear them in different seasons.

If the summer heat is bothering you, invest in a good lawn dress, and you are set. Which of these cotton fabric variants do you love?


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